Electrical Safety

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Old Equipment

Your home's electrical system can change and even destabilize over time. This destabilization can be cause by any number of things, from basic ageing and break down of materials, to rodent damage, to accidental damage from the homeowner.  This damage can lead to serious problems including sparking, electrocution, and fire, just to name a few. Older electrical systems are much more prone to these issues, as they have less safety mechanism integrated into the system.

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Higher Demand

As technology has changed over the years, so has our demand for power. Homes that were built a few decades ago may not have the capacity to run all the modern conveniences that we utilize in our daily lives.  This high demand for power can have serious consequences for old outdated electrical systems that can not safely handle the load. Blown fuses, tripping breakers, sparking outlets, are all major signs that their could be something wrong with your home's electrical system. 

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Electrical Safety Inspection

Eastland Electric wants all of our customers to have a safe home, that is why we offer a FREE 10 point home safety evaluation for all of our new customers with their first service request.

All of our Safety & Savings® plan members get FREE annual safety evaluation.

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